Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Different Kind of Blog Hop

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the beautiful Marelle, and asked to take part in a different kind of blog hop.  Of course I said yes !!  It's not your normal blog hop, but one where you get to share a little about yourself and meet some new scrappers that you might not already know.

I first met Marelle when we worked together on the Molossi Design Team.  And who would've know that we only live 20 minutes from each other lol !!!  Marelle is a gorgeous lady, lots of fun and a constant inspiration to my scrapping.  Thanks Marelle for inviting me to take part.  Check out Marelle's blog here ....

Here's a little more about me;

1.  What am I working on right now??

I am currently working on a layout for the D-Lish Scraps monthly challenge.  I couldn't resist this challenge, as it includes two of my favourite colours .... kraft cardstock and red!! 
I've also just finished a few layouts for D-Lish Scraps 5th Birthday Cyber Crop, which was so much fun.

2.  How long does it take to create a layout??

Hmmmm, every layout is totally different for me.  Sometimes an idea will come quickly, and I could whip up a layout in under an hour.  However, a lot of the time, I stress over what I'm going to create and it can take hours.  I shuffle papers from one side of the desk to another, and a lot of the time, I come back to the original concept lol !!

3.  What are my favourite things to create with?

That's easy !!   Heidi Swapp and My Mind's Eye .... they would have to be two of my most favourite ranges at the moment. 

4.  What inspires me?

I'm inspired by so many things.  I love to hop around blog sites to see what everyone is up to.  I also love to follow challenges as they certainly help kick off the creative process in my mind. 
I have my own little craft room now, and it's great to put the kids to bed and hide away and craft the night away.  I put on a movie, and I'm set for the night!!  Here's a of pic of my craft space.

5.  What is my signature style?

This is a hard question, but I think my style is fairly neat and tidy.  I don't do a lot of "messy" backgrounds, although I am starting to push myself to try new things, and using sprays, texture pastes, etc. is something I'd like to do.   I have also spent a lot of time recently making cards, so I enjoy both cards & layouts and switch between the both quite regularly.
My other favourite style is Project Life pocket style albums, and this allows me to have uniformity in my albums, but embellished as much or as little as I choose.


Below are the next two ladies that are going to follow me in the Blog Hop, with their posts going up on their blogs shortly.

Dana Tatar .....

I met Dana through the Molossi Design Team, and really love Dana's style and creativity.  I love seeing her work, and you can check it out on her blog too.  Thanks for playing along Dana :)

Michelle Sheehan ......

I've only just recently met Michelle, and we'll be working together soon ...... shhh, secret scrappy business !!!!  As I've just started following Michelle's blog, I'm enjoying getting to know her style and can't wait to be inspired by her creations.  Thanks to you also Michelle for playing along.


Well, thanks everyone for stopping by and taking the time to read a little more about me.  I'm looking forward to blog hopping along with everyone else, and learning more about you all.

Cheers, Honor xo

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Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Thanks for linking up to me Honor! You are a big inspiration to me. I'm sorry that our design commitment together wasn't longer. I am so grateful that this hobby has helped me make friends all over the world. :)