Thursday, January 30, 2014

Molossi Giveaway !!!

Everyone loves to win Molossi stuff!!

OK here are the rules!

1.Please go to the Molossi online shop and answer these questions here at the blog -  then invite friends - make sure your friends tell us who invited them - list your answers on the blog -
The person who invites the most amount of new people on the blog, and the Molossi Facebook page, wins a fabulous package of goodies!!!!!

This competition will be drawn next Friday - so you have lots of time to spread the word about our wonderful Molossi products - and stay tuned for some new products coming soon.

Question 1.
Tell me how you would embellish this product 
Question 2.
How many chipboard Chandeliers does Molossi produce?
Question 3.
How many flowers are in these packs G45 Sweet Sentiments?
Question 4.
If you were to design new chipboard for Molossi, what would you design?

Good luck with your entries, and don't forget to check out Molossi's blog for inspiration, and the soon to be announced new DT members !!
Enjoy your weekend everyone, and for those of you here in Australia, keep cool !!
Honor xo

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