Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day !

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted, however life has a way of interfering with the important things .... like scrapping ... lol.

Below is a pic of an invitation I've made for a friend's hens night. It's quite a simple design, however as I had to make 20 of them, it needed to be simple !!!

The most time consuming part, of course, was Tilda .... but I really wanted to incorporate her somehow, as I can't get enough of her at the moment. Although, after colouring 20 of these images in a row, I think I'll give her a rest for now .... lol

Today, I'm finishing off the wedding invitations that are for the same person. It will be good to see them finally finished and in the post. Then I can get back to my own projects!!

On a personal note, my eldest son Lachlan is heading off to high school next year, and just received his acceptance into the school he wanted. He is very excited, and he also received a Leadership Scholarship for Year 7. He worked very hard for this, and we are all so proud of him. Well done Lach, you're a star !!

Time to get back to these wedding invites .... hope you all have a lovely day. Here in Vic, it's freezing, windy, and very very wet. Keep warm everyone, and take care.

Honor xo

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Cassandra said...

I'd just about given up on you being a contributing member of the blogging world lol. Just kidding. Those Hen's invites are just too cute Miss Honor! Love em. And major CONGRATS to Lach, he is a star!!!! :o) *hugz*